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Storage, storage, storage

Blog by Karin Usipuik Personal Real Estate Corporation | January 31st, 2016

Rules for a happy home, a place for everything and everything in its place. I think I saw that on a cross-stich a decade or two ago. While the medium may not be trendy (sorry Mom!) the message still applies. It simply feels better when the stuff of life is in its place (plus you could always stencil the saying on a rustic sign to make it Pintrest worthy). After the holidays, storage is crucial, especially when there are kids in the mix. Lack of storage can make you feel like you need a bigger home (if you do I can help with that!) but if you don’t then read on.  When it starts to feel like you may be a candidate for filming the next episode of hoarders in your living room (quick, anyone seen the cat?) you need more storage! It’s a constant vigil to keep things from piling up; luckily the internet is full of great storage ideas for every budget and style. Obviously first do a purge. If you haven’t used it in a year you likely don’t need it. All the extra kitchen gadgets, outdoor gear, decorative items that no longer thrill you…set them free!  Often what you remove leaves a bigger impression then what you add to your space. Edit your furniture and décor items down to essentials and then slowly add back pieces until you reach the right balance for your space. Then assess your space and determine your storage needs. Consider the use, layout, design, and function. Do you need extra shelving or a built in cabinet or will some baskets and a closet organizer do? Below are a few of my favourite storage ideas;

photo 1.jpg
(Photo Credit: HGTV.com)
  • Vertical storage, when space is a premium go up! I love this colourful ladder. Storage and décor in one step (pun intended!). You could use this ladder anywhere in your home such as your office or a kid’s room plus this is a diy tutorial so if you love it you can make it!
photo 2.jpg
(Photo Credit: hometalk.com)
  • Another décor and storage combo is vertical shelves. They add style, storage, and as a bonus they can be used in otherwise wasted space.

photo 3.jpg

(Photo Credit: unexpectedelegance.com)

  • Built ins. Framing a fireplace with bookshelves is a favourite look of mine. It’s classic, practical, and adds value to a home. There are great tutorials on the web for those diy types or I can recommend a trusted contractor.

photo 5.jpg

  • Baskets, baskets, baskets. These are by far the easiest way to introduce storage to a room. There are a variety of stylish baskets for every budget. Try one for electronic gadgets and another for throws. With kids, baskets are an essential and can help organize toys, books, and seasonal clothing. I love the idea of incorporating vertical storage and baskets to make a unique storage area. This idea can work for a multitude of containers.

I hope you have been inspired and find some storage solutions that help turn your house into a home that you love and if you don’t have a home to love I would LOVE to help you find one.